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If You Change Your Perspective, You Can Change Your Reality

Kid with 3D glasses

How do you perceive your world?

I noticed how more and more movies are coming out in digital 3D these days.  Watching them in 3D makes me feel like I’m “inside” the  the movie. The images just pop out of the screen and it just seems so real. That’s an amazing thing about how we see things.

People look at things from their own perspective.

In almost any aspect of life, how we perceive things defines our reality. There’s always more than one way of looking at any experience. How do you perceive your experiences?

Do you find opportunity in every difficulty? Or do you find difficulty in every opportunity?

Focus on Finding Solutions

Often times, we dwell too much on our mistakes. That invites a lot of self-doubt and it’s going to affect you emotionally in a negative way. It’s like watching a 3D movie without the 3D glasses. All you can see are blurry images. That can be quite a frustrating experience. My point is that there are different and better ways to see things.

Instead of whining about the blurry movie, try wearing those 3D glasses! Instead of focusing on mistakes, focus on finding solutions and how you can do better next time. Change your perspective!

Recognize that there is No Easy Path

Everybody encounters problems in life. Especially in business. Trust me, there will be a lot of unforeseen obstacles that you will bump into. It is important to recognize that there is no easy path to success. We are always going to encounter obstacles. But it’s how we confront those obstacles that makes the difference between failure and success. It’s important to look at them from the right perspective.

Perception is Reality

You create your own reality. If you perceive that you have all these opportunities in front of you, that you are growing to be a huge success, then that’s what your reality is going to be.  On the other hand, if you merely focus on all your mistakes, and setbacks, all you get is a feeling of anxiety and frustration.

How do you perceive your world?

When faced with a setback, how do you respond? What have you learned from those setbacks? How will you respond to your next challenge? How do you perceive your reality now?

I hope you are perceiving a great quality of life. Great health. A booming business. Onward and upward!

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